Dealing with open wounds

by La Rupture

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released October 25, 2014

Recorded and mixed at Treillière at Chipolata Framboise studio.
Mastered at 2 doigts dans la prises.

We are looking for loads of gig in 2015, if you are interested in putting up a show for us send us an Email :

Next shows :

09/05/15@ Montaigu - Festival Rhino féroces
22/05/15@ Laval w Wank for peace
23/05/15@ Vénérand w Wank for peace
24/05/15@ Paris - This Is My Fest

Past Shows :

13/03/15@ Nantes - La Rumeur w/Buried Option+Bullets At The Movies
27/02/15@ Tours - canadian café w/Intenable+How low?+Slice of life
13/02/15@ Angers - l'étincelle w/Homesick+One thousands directcion
24/01/15 @ Angers - T'es rock coco w/lazy dreamer+burn school+ tea bags
17/01/15 @Factory pub - Béthune w/ Slice of life
16/01/15 @La scène bourgogne - Orléans w/ Welcome noise
03/01/15 @ L'étincelle - Angers w/ Litovsk + The escapist
15/11/14 @ Le Gallion - Lorient w One Thousand Direction/Sordid Ship
14/11/14 @ Le Donegal - La Roche sur Yon w One Thousand Direction/Omahas
08/11/14 @ Mac Daid's - Le Havre w Buried Option/DeepThroat
07/11/14 @ La source - Le Mans w Buried Option
01/11/14 @ L'entr'2 - Laval w Slice of Life/Soft Drug
26/10/14 @ La Rumeur - Nantes w The Boring/Another Five Minutes
25/10/14 @ Espace Culturel - Angers w Wank For Peace/Prevenge
20/09/14 @ Le Capharnaüm - Bordeaux w Hey Cold, You Lost!/Bad Froggies
21/09/14 @ La Dynamo - Toulouse w The Copyright/Charly Fiasco/Not Scientist
30/08/14 @ Sombrero Café - Amiens w Homesick/Mazonit
29/08/14 @ JH Govio - Kalmthout (BE) w Homesick/The Priceduifkes
28/08/14 @ Le Phoenix - Mons (BE) w Homesick
26/08/14 @ Rote Flora - Hamburg (DE) w Homesick/Short Story Sports
25/08/14 @ Villa Kuriosum - Berlin (DE) w Homesick/Dis-Disaster/Renounced
24/08/14 @ -Opava (CZ) w Homesick
22/08/14 @ Rakpart 9 - Budapest (HU) w Homesick/Lovataraxx/The Snobs
21/08/14 @ Ti-Ti-Tà - Pecs (HU) w Homesick/így Telnek Napjaink
20/08/14 @ Jalla Jalla - Ljubjana (SL) w Homesick/Harry
19/08/14 @ Terra Di Nesuno - Genova(IT) w Homesick
18/08/14 @ La Salle Gueulle - Marseille w Homesick
16/08/14 @ Fox Tattoo Studio - Le Mans w Homesick/Bute
14/06/14 @ FêteDeLaMusique - Beaucouzé w The High Sausages/Black Bubble/...
31/05/14 @ Le Cecilien - Ste Cecile w Stincky Bollocks/Sparkrow/Guteaters
06/05/14 @ T'es Rock Coco - Angers w Apologies I Have None
25/04/14 @ La Trinquette - Rennes w Buried Option/FaceFuckKIllers
18/01/14 @ Hurricane's - Tours w Guerrila Poubelle/Serie Z
17/01/14 @ Café dl Poste - St Aignan w Serie Z

30/11/13 @ Casa Fiesta - Dreux w Buried Option
29/11/13 @ Circuit dl Bière - Le Mans w Buried Option/Spread Like
09/11/13 @ Alien Fest - Nantes w Cooper/Burning Lady/ The Flanders
26/10/13 @ Le Galion - Lorient w Severe Gouine
18/10/13 @ Café Latin - Angers w No Guts No Glory/Youth Avoiders/Homesick
14/09/13 @ Urban Art 4 - Beaucouzé w Burn School
25/08/13 @ Le Vieux Castel - Orléans w Homesick/No Opinion
24/08/13 @ Sun pub - Illfruth w Homesick
22/08/13 @ cafe na pul cesty - Praguew Homesick/Vengence Today
21/08/13 @ XB liebig - Berlin w Homesick/Butt/Buche/Fracture
20/08/13 @ Haus mainusch - Mainz w Homesick
19/08/13 @ Squat - Bruxelle w Homesick/Dans ta Gueulle
18/08/13 @ L'ecluse - Reims w Homesick
17/08/13 @ PinkMyFalafel - Aigrefeuille w Homesick/Super Ego Kid
06/07/13 @ Pop Festival - Briollay
15/06/13 @ Floride - Nantes w Omahas/Howlin Tramps
03/05/13 @ Le Barbu - Angers w Charly Fiasco/Bon Vivant/Homesick
06/04/13 @ La Fontaine - St Péran w Homesick/Yvan Président
05/04/13 @ Champs Commun - Pouarmel w Homesick
01/03/13 @ Café Latin - Angers w Homesick/One T Attendants
09/02/13 @ Café Latin - Angers w Burn School/Black Sheep
08/02/13 @ Canadian's - Tours w Mon Autre Groupe/Noko
01/02/13 @ Kilim Bar - Niort w Johk/Tupsy Turvy/3scobar
19/01/13 @ Mc Daids - Le Havre w Homesick/Without Skin
18/01/13 @ Le Zénith - Les Herbiers w Homesick/Omahas/Quiet Suck


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La Rupture Angers, France

On écrit des trucs.
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Track Name: Reminder

Do you remember the words I said to you
As we watched our sun goes down
You told me “I’m afraid that It’s never coming back
To the days you loved me “Sometimes I regret them as you do
I kept my cruel thoughts and now I really need to move on”

Now I wish for my darkest days to be over
I’m sick of laying down on broken promises
I’m feeling better now but I once thought of getting away
Cause I can’t bear all the memories
Yesterday I saw a ghost of a girl that I once knew
She followed me back home, she haunted me till I passed out again
I really needed something to switch me on
I can’t really move forward with open wound
Yesterday I saw a ghost of a girl that I once knew
Her face‘s the worst reminder
Maybe we should just forget each other

I’ve been running eyes closed until I hit this fucking border
Maybe we should just forget each other

I spent all night thinking this time I couldn’t feel much colder
I’ve been wishing for an eternal summer
Track Name: Cheap Beers And Empty Dreams

I know it’s late, I guess this time I just feel like talking
Am I that deadly scared of boredom
At least I know what I am running from
Where will we be in five years?
Will you just keep sitting and drinking the same beers on the same old bench?
we’re never be this kind of people
My friend keep staring at the same wall

Cause We could get the hell off this routine
Start to laugh when smiles start fading away
Sometimes it seems that there’s no use for fighting
But I won’t spend my nights screaming

“this town is getting the best of me”
did your lack of hope already drag you down?

It’s easy to get narrow minded,
When there’s only bad parts remaining

Did you even try to care about
what’s happening around you
My friend you seem to be beaten down
as if you were ready to loose
Did you really try to create something new?
Track Name: Laid down the road

I heard my father saying “don’t be so scared
Life is all about finding his own space”
I’ve never been able to find mine
But I don’t lose Hope
Facing the elevator glass I saw a picture
of a man who had hit his very lowest point
Is he that bored and disappointed at 21?
Don’t be that wounded deer laid down on the road

I just try to stay afloat
You’re counting bruises way too often
Never take your life as a fucking burden

I wish that I could feel the same way
But it seem that I never find the way back
You’d be able to fix me
But this time I got a lot of things to figure out by my own

I promise I’ll always remember
every locked door has a key to be opened
Track Name: A Thousand Nights Out

I’m home alone on a Sunday evening
I guess I ‘ll just sit in the corner
of an empty room thinking about us for hours
tonight I didn’t want to be lonely
I thought about the future the picture was getting kind of blurry
May I rest my heavy head on your shoulder
cause mines carry way too much already

I should be old enough by now
to take care of myself at home
can’t you stay alone for the night
without feeling abandoned ?
Did our bonds became
The tightest handcuffs
I spent a thousand nights out
But it will never be enough

We can fix our broken heart
Maybe drink each other stories
And puke on how much better our lives used to be
How about our love?
It can be a dangerous weapon
we were relying on each other way too heavily
your legs are trembling I don’t know how to say that I’m sorry to bother you with my worries

I can see shit in the smoke
But I hope we’ll be alright
As I’m lying there tonight

We can find strength on our own
this is me trying to convince myself,
We can find strength in our lonely souls

I guess I have to walk without crutches
I hope we all gonna learn to walk

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